Amazon Talk: Chowdary-Naidu will make you Laugh

Amazon Talk: Chowdary-Naidu will make you Laugh

A very few movies keep us hooked throughout with breezy narration, soothing songs, and natural fun. One of those rare films is Raja Varu Rani Garu, a story of an introvert Raja, a big-eyed serene beauty Rani, and their true love. This is a must-watch movie, but why?

In an old fashioned true love, Raja finds it almost impossible to express his love for cool-as-a-cucumber Rani, but his friends Chowdary and Naidu do what-not in pushing him to do it. This breezy nostalgic ride of Raja Varu Rani Garu keeps the promise to entertain us with the comedy and the narration takes us down the memory lane back to that first love in school.

While the main leads are more than delightful to watch, the two friends of Raja never fail to bring smiles and laughs every time they appear on the screen. A small village backdrop from East Godavari is an instant connection that walks us through the streets and those funny conversations and silly acts of them keep us amusing. They might be Chowdary-Naidu or Batman-Joker, we will love them anyway.

Not just them, but all the characters and scenes are enjoyable and so are the songs and visuals. That is the reason why it is trending in the top 10 regional best movies. So why not watch it if you have not watched it already in theaters? Catch it on Amazon Prime.

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