Tollywood, Get ready to face Telugu Audience

Tollywood, Get ready to face Telugu Audience

What will be the biggest takeaway for the Telugu Film Industry after the 'lockdown' gets lifted? Actually, they will be in for a shocker as Telugu audiences will not be the same ever again. Films that have simple comedies, the usual boy meets girl plots and the regular song-dance-fight sequences, may not work anymore due to this change.

During the lockdown times, the major source of entertainment for Telugu audiences is none other than these OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. And these platforms have world-class movies and web series, which are made not only with good budgets but also have rich content. After tasting this rich content, surely they might not want the same old formulaic treats on the Telugu silver screen anymore.

While 'Money Heist' is the same crime comedy (and thriller), surely the kind of detail that goes into taking a country's currency-printing press into a seize, and running the story on human emotions thereafter is new.  Similarly, many Hollywood movies, Israel web series, Norwegian short series, documentaries and much more are thrilling, intriguing and showcased new perspectives of storytelling to Telugu audiences.

For these audiences, mostly the small films with simple plots and comedies might not give huge kick as they are accustomed to watching better films on OTT apps now. So filmmakers need to up their creativity, sharpen their writing, presenting and other aspects to make sure that their work will be loved by Telugu audiences again.

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