Babu Proposes 50% Discount on Movie Tickets?

Babu Proposes 50% Discount on Movie Tickets?

If not in June, by the end of August, maybe theatres will be opened and people will surely rush to theatres to have that theatre experience they are missing out for months. But given the fact that many people lost their jobs, some got huge pay cuts and some lost their livelihood fully as businesses got washed out, will people afford to buy the Rs 200 / 150 range tickets?

Same discussion is happening right now with film producers who are actually discussing how to schedule their films and their releases once the lockdown is lifted up. Reports are coming that senior producer Suresh Babu has come up with the idea of slashing ticket prices, such that it will motivate people to come to theatres. Here is said to have come up with an idea that morning shows and matinees should be given 50% discount offer, in order to garner footfalls.

Talking further, Suresh is said to have added that a tax-exemption from Govt will make sure that the producers get the whole of ticket price after all the theatre related expenses are taken care of. We wonder if other producers will agree for this 50% discount offer and how government will support them with the tax exemption initiative.

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