Modi to address nation for the third time?

Modi to address nation for the third time?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had addressed the nation on Corona virus twice. For the first address, Modi called for a 14 hours lockdown and for the second, he announced 21 days lockdown. With the nation lockdown is nearing an end, there is a wide speculations on it that it would be pushed.

This address of Modi is most likely to be on Saturday. Tomorrow Modi will be hosting a video conference with CMs of all the states and discuss the effect of Corona virus all over the country. Post this conference, Modi is expected to address the nation. With this tip being out, people have made up their mind that it is going to be about lockdown.

However, from the New Delhi sources we hear that Modi would ease things for a few. With lockdown, there is a huge stress on the economy. In order to relieve the economy, Modi might allow the operations of flight services. Also the Corona is in serious threat across 75 districts in the country and at these places, the lockdown will be more stringent than before.

So what will PM Modi announce in address? High chance of lockdown extension but a relief for a few.

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