Here Are The Five Corona Songs Created By Cinema Folks

Here Are The Five Corona Songs Created By Cinema Folks

As the deadly coronavirus is spreading rapidly and dangerously, everyone is advised to stay home in order to stay safe. To take the message more and more into people, various artists are actually teaming up to come up with songs that could create awareness in the audiences.

First of all, we have a senior music composer coming up with a tune that has lyrics related to coronavirus prevention for Chiranjeevi's Corona Crisis Charity. They have made visuals for the song, with Chiru, Nagarjuna, Koti, Varun Tej and Sai Dharam Tej featuring in it. The song went very well into the film lovers and especially film industry reacted hugely for the same.

Then comes SP Balu's poem and song on Corona where he sang "Ekkadidhi Ee Corona?". He explains how contagious the virus is and if it could bring the world's doomsday. Balu's legendary voice highlighted how humans should stay strong in these times, and how they should fight back. Balu's fans enjoyed the song thoroughly.

Whatever may be the situation, that one celebrity who would throw his hat into the ring and tries to swivel the wheels of attention is none other than Ram Gopal Varma. And he has come up with this 'Purugu' song which is lots of fun and hilarious. Calling that coronavirus is an insect, Varma made huge fun of it saying that he would have killed it if it is visible to his eye. At least to laugh wholeheartedly in these tough times, you could vouch for this song.

Popular composer Keeravani hasn't come up with any new song on these tough times, but actually, he got new lyrics done for the song he composed for Student No 1 movie. Altering the lyrics of Ekkado Putti Ekkado Perigi song he tried to give the message that 'we will stay at home, we stay safe'

And then, there is this sensational new music band Chowraasta that has come up with their own song. Cheyi Cheyi Kalapaku ra is the song that has come from them, and the song clocked 3.5 million views on YouTube already, explaining how it succeeded. The song focuses on telling people to quit bad habits and practice social distancing.

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