Rumour: Heroine Stuck At BF's Residence In Hyd?

Rumour: Heroine Stuck At BF's Residence In Hyd?

She is one of the young and charming heroines who is actually popular for her cute looks. While she rose to fame in no time, she is always part of those rumours bandwagon which link her up to a particular hero. And as the hero is always seen partying with her, no matter what they say about their relation, people are not believing.

The latest rumour coming up about this hottie is that actually she got stuck up in Hyderabad during the lockdown times. And as five-star hotels and other service apartments are shutdowns, she shifted to her boyfriend's residence for a couple of days, hoping that she could find a means of transport. But she is said to be staying there ever since, and it is almost 15 days already.

Recently, the boyfriend is said to have used all of his influence to arrange a VIP vehicle for her to travel to a neighbouring state where she comes from. But the journey hasn't happened yet, and she is looking to reach home safely in this crisis times.

And as she got stuck at BF's home, we hear that she is not posting any workout videos or pictures, as people might read it easily that she is at his house.

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