Sukumar Taking Revenge Again?

Sukumar Taking Revenge Again?

Revenge is one element which always sells. That's why story writers never leave the concept of revenge. Sukumar is one maverick filmmaker who is good with his scripts. He is now banking on revenge element. In fact, his last film, Rangasthalam, too was a revenge story where a guy takes revenge for his brother's brutal murder.

Seeing the posters of Sukumar and Allu Arjun's next Pushpa and going by the hearsay, the movie too has revenge backdrop. Apparently, the movie revolves around Pushpa Raj who is on a mission to take vengeance against his wife Pushpa's death. Looks like, Sukumar is not leaving revenge element which is his forte.

Allu Arjun has undergone a super makeover sporting bushy beard and having a rugged look where he plays a lorry driver. But most importantly, the intensity in eyes of Pushpa Raj (Bunny) convey a lot.

It's obvious that Sukumar has come up again with a spectacular story and this time around red sandal smuggling in Seshachalam forest. Bunny too is not new for revenge set up. Sarrainodu, DJ has those shades. But one has to wait and watch how Sukumar would unfold Pushpa Raj's revenge.

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