Save Me From Her: Shriya's Husband

Save Me From Her: Shriya's Husband

Lockdowns and self isolations have been bringing the best creativity out of many and celebrities are no exception. Apart from cooking and workout videos, some of them are making funny videos to watch.

Shriya Saran is enjoying the quarantine time with her husband Andrei Koscheev in Russia and the couple has come up with a silly yet romantic video with signboards in it. Andrei is seen making funny contrary comments on Shriya's thank you and stay-home signs. In one of those, he is seen asking to save him from her as she talks and makes him work all day.

While the couple enjoys the stay at home, we now know that Andrei can act well and needless to say how good Shriya is at acting. Watch the video to see how cute the couple is. 

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