Lasya Took Me In Negative Way -Anchor Ravi

Lasya Took Me In Negative Way -Anchor Ravi

The huge discussion that always clouds TV circuits is, why did anchor Ravi and Lasya have decided to broke the partnership as they used to appear together on TV channels. Later, Lasya accused that Ravi has cheated her and due to him she lost all the opportunities. But never this was explained from Ravi's point of view.

From the outer surface it looked like, as Ravi got teamed up with Sreemukhi and the duo got clicked, Lasya lost all the offers. But then, Ravi says there is more to it. "It is a fact that even I've fetched a lot due to working with Lasya (Morning Coffee on MAA). Actually I've acted as team leader for two seasons of a dance show (Dhee Juniors) and Lasya is the team leader of the opposite team. For the third season, I've asked them to make me anchor, and even Lasya demanded the same. But then, they have kicked us both out from that show. Later I got chances to work on other shows with other partners including Sreemukhi, but Lasya didn't get offers" explained Ravi in a TV show recently.

He further added, "Though I've tried to explain how things took off and turned up, Lasya never listened to me. She started blaming that she has lost offers due to me. After some point, I felt that it is better to leave the issue as she took it in a negative way and I moved on. I can't really help it".

While Ravi has reached to the top after this onscreen breakup, Lasya hasn't survived for long though she hosted some other programs. Recently she started her YouTube channel and trying to make a big comeback.

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