Chiru Says All Is Well Between Him And The Allus

Chiru Says All Is Well Between Him And The Allus

From a time, it is coming out that all is not well between Megastar Chiru's family and Allu Arvind's family. With Allu Arjun not putting up a tweet regarding Chiru's Sye Raa trailer on the day of release or not wishing the film at any time, except a couple of tweets, this discussion has started. But with Chiru tweeting to Allu Arjun on his b'day and the young hero's reply that 'a tweet from Megastar for life' might have eased things.

When prodded about the same, Megastar Chiru has lambasted at the media for cooking up unwanted stories. He stated that earlier they used to write that relation between Chiru and Pawan strained, and now they are writing about Allus and Chiru.

"Whenever Pawan returns from Andhra to Hyd, he comes home to eat homemade food cooked by my wife Surekha, but these media writes we are not at talking terms. They are now writing that we have issues with Allu family. When we say family, Allu Arvind's family also comes in it, and we are one" said Megastar, rubbishing all the reports.

"Other day to post that picture of Allu Arjun and me on his birthday eve, I called him up to send me that pic. That's the camaraderie we enjoy. So don't come to unwanted theories at your (those guys who are writing Allu-Mega feud) own" he says further.

Well, Chiru's direct response on the rumours will be giving clarity to everyone once for all.

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