Vijayashanti's Demands, Producers Scared

Vijayashanti's Demands, Producers Scared

After making grand comeback with Mahesh Babu's Sarileru Neekevvaru, Vijayashanti is said to be making some unruly demands which is irking producers and directors. Makers who want to cast Vijayashanti are said to be dropping their idea and is looking out for alternative options owing to her high demands.

It is common knowledge that Vijayashanti has been paid second-highest remuneration among Sarileru Neekevvaru cast while the highest paid being Mahesh Babu. Now, Vijayashanti is said to be expecting similar remuneration for the other upcoming offers as well. This is not all. She is also said to be demanding directors that she should have a full-length role and her role should have throughout importance. There is nothing wrong in expecting so, but such demands at this juncture are forcing producers and directors to rethink.

Apparently, Vijayashanti is of the feeling that she was the main reason for Sarileru Neekevvaru's success. While the film was bailed out by Sankranthi festival and Mahesh Babu's stardom, the poorly-written comedy and Rashmika's monotonous performance and Anil Ravipudi's bad direction played the spoil sport. Well, Vijayashanti's comeback craze and her on-screen chemistry with Mahesh helped to an extent, but it doesn't mean she should demand hefty pay cheque.

As no major films confirmed Vijayashanti in their next, Shanti and her PR team are claiming that she has become more choosy and selective. While the fact is that many makers are dropping the idea to rope in her owing to her conditions and remuneration demands. Well, Ramulamma needs to understand that all makers can't pay on par with Mahesh's film.

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