Hanuman Jayanthi: Megastar Travels Down Nostalgic Path

Hanuman Jayanthi: Megastar Travels Down Nostalgic Path

Ever since he made his debut on Twitter, Megastar Chiranjeevi is making sure to enthral fans like never before. And today he has wished three people a happy birthday, which includes Allu Arjun, Akhil and Akira Nandan. But then, actually, Megastar went on taking the nostalgic route, for other reasons.

On Hanuman Jayanthi day, Chiranjeevi explained his connect to Lord Hanuman. He revealed that back in 1962 he got a lottery in which he won a photo of Hanuman, and is keeping that picture with him ever since. Also, he underlined that his father commented that the Hanuma's picture has huge resemblance with his childhood pic, as his father told Chiru that the eyebrows and eye shape in Hanuman picture are quite similar to that of Chiru's features.

Later when Chiru approached the legendary director and artist Bapu to draw artwork of Hanuman for him, the artist went on drawing a cartoon Hanuman whose features are again close to Chiranjeevi. "Bapu told me, somehow I couldn't imagine anyone other than you while drawing the face, and hence the features turned up," said Chiru.

And Chiru shared the picture drawn by Bapu too, where the high point is that, after getting that picture engraved on a wall stone at his house, Chiru didn't even miss carving the signature of the artist. Honouring artists is the best thing another artist could do, and Chiru is great at it, we must say.

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