Bunny, Nuvvu Bagundalabba -Megastar Chiru

Bunny, Nuvvu Bagundalabba -Megastar Chiru

Though Mythri Movie Makers has used the Chittoor slang extensively in the other day's announcement poster, they have forgotten to use at least a line or even Bunny forgot to use something of it while releasing "Pushpa". But then Megastar Chiranjeevi uses it.

"Bunny, Nuvvu Bagundalabba" said Megastar, using the Chittoor slang being used in Pushpa movie, while conveying birthday wishes to Allu Arjun on his Twitter handle. Sharing a vintage picture where the young Bunny is showcasing his dancing skills, Megastar actually wrote, "Bunny has grace in his dance from that age only. I like his passion and hard work. Happy Birthday, Bunny! Nuvvu Bagundalabba!".

Well, from some time with Allu Arjun not posting a welcome tweet for Chiranjeevi's arrival on the day of Megastar's twitter debut, and later with Chiru not posting a thank you tweet to Bunny, there is a sort of friction developed amongst Mega fans. But with Chiru breaking the ice, surely they might be rejoicing now.

Reacting on the same, Allu Arjun posted on Twitter, "Thank you soo much Chikkababi . Soo happy to see your tweet . A tweet from my megastar for life . Thank you !". Well, that's the camaraderie they enjoy.

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