Lockdown Effect: Producers Syndicate To Buy Theatres?

Lockdown Effect: Producers Syndicate To Buy Theatres?

When is the best time for investors to push themselves into new ventures? You guessed it right, intelligent investors always plunge into markets whey they are in a low such that they could start with fewer investments and reap benefits when the market hits high.

Reports are coming that a top politician along with a couple of Telugu film's noted producers, is now trying to acquire theatres in these crisis times of COVID-19 outbreak. Going by CM KCR's words, or by PM Modi's instruction to Ministers, it looks like theatres and shopping malls will not be opened until the next couple of months. That leads to dead income for those single screen theatre owners in small towns and cities of Telugu states. We hear that this producers' syndicate wants to cash on this crisis now.

They are said to be chalking out plans to buy at least 100 small theatres in the next 3-months by offering dead cheap buy out deals. Those single screen owners in need of money and who are already in a feeling that theatre business is no more flourishing might surely accept these deals. And that's the whole plan of this new syndicate is all about.

Already some Tollywood producers have 100s of theatres under their wings in terms of long terms leases. If they start owning theatres this way, the film release business will become more one-sided.

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