Unfortunate! 100 Million Views Going To Be Wasted

Unfortunate! 100 Million Views Going To Be Wasted

For any film to get more audiences to theatres, promotion is the key. These days if the promotional songs of a movie get clicked huge on YouTube, then that will ensure quite a bit footfalls in theatres. But an unfortunate situation like Covid-19 outbreak has actually pained few films and anchor Pradeep's 30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela is one of them.

Apparently the song 'Neeli Neeli Akasam' is a super hit, thanks to Sid Sriram's mellifluous voice that acted as the major factor for such stunning success. And the song got uploaded on two YouTube channels, including T-Series Telugu where it got 23 million views, and Lahari-TSeries where it fetched 78 million views. While the team is beaming all the smiles for touching the 100 million mark cumulatively, there is a downside to it.

When the song is such a hit, surely it would have invited more audiences to theatres had the film released on March 30th as scheduled. But with Covid-19 outbreak, there is no more chance for the movie to come to the theatre, at least for two more months if we look at the current situation positively. But after two months, surely the 100+ million views will not be holding their worth.

Every trending song will have its time. For example 'Rowdy Baby' song has 813 million views, but the song will not be trending in any Top 100 list as of today, as the time of the song is over. And once their time is over, these songs will not be able to bring attention to movies.

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