Samantha, Is This Calm Before The Storm?

Samantha, Is This Calm Before The Storm?

Somewhere around March 24th, queen bee Samantha shared that her dog Hash and hubby Chaitanya are enjoying, and four days later she thanked everyone for winning Critics Choice Award for Oh Baby. Since then, the actress went dead silent on Instagram, leaving her fans in a shocker.

When it comes to using social media to the core, it is Samantha who taught the world how to do it. In Tollywood, she is known for her regular updates regarding fashion, food, workouts and other stuff on her Instagram page. And during the lockdown period, actually, many expected that she will storm the social media with her day to day, minute to minute updates. But then, it looks like the actress gave a break to social media during the quarantine.

However, some people close to the actress felt that Samantha is actually preparing a series of videos to be released very soon on her social media handles. They are explaining that this is the usual calm before the storm, but the actress will explode on social media in a couple of days time. Anyway, her fans are quite pained by her absence on social media as there is no post from her regarding Sunday evening light-up call given by PM Modi.

On the other hand, there is a buzz that Samantha's newfound business, Ekam Learning, a playschool for kids, lost all the craze it created due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Maybe the actress is working on things as to how they should get the craze back for the school once the lockdown is lifted.

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