Last Released Telugu Film Now On Amazon

Last Released Telugu Film Now On Amazon

If there is any Telugu cinema that lost big time in recent times, that is nothing but the one that got released just a few days before the shutdown of theatres in Telugu states.

Psychological thriller film "Madha" got appreciation from many quarters with the likes of Harish Shankar and Rakul Preet getting their minds blown with the content. Carved by a newcomer lady director Indira, the film opened to lukewarm response in theatres, after it hit cinemas on March 13th. But by the time word of mouth started to spread, that is just two days after the film's release, CM KCR announced shutting down of theatres and shopping malls across Telangana state.

And with lockdown enforced later, the film lost its space even in the discussions of film lovers. But finally, the biggest respite is coming through Amazon Prime video as the film is likely to hit the OTT platform on April 8th. Early estimations are indicating that those who wanted to experience this different film have doubled up since the news broke out and there might huge rush Madha's release on that day.

On the other hand, another film, Palasa, which got a bit of acclaim and released the previous week before Madha (March 6th), is now available on Prime.

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