Film Producers Are Banging Heads On Skype!

Film Producers Are Banging Heads On Skype!

Most of the businesses will be back to normal once the lockdown is lifted and the coronavirus crisis is over. But film business wouldn't be reinstated that easily, opine analysts. People will be avoiding large gatherings for a while and they would be skeptical of entering closed and crowded spaces like movie theatres for sure.

Film producers are reportedly having meetings via Skype to work a strategy to overcome this. Most of the producers are suggesting that releasing big films will automatically get more footfalls irrespective of the lingering fear. They believe that starting with a bang would work as the film lovers will be craving for entertainment because of the extended lockdown period.

But not everybody is in favour of this suggestion. They fear that this strategy may backfire if people stay away from movie theatres due to the spread of virus. Also, there is a huge question mark hanging over the future of film trade in overseas, especially the US. Few producers suggest that the situation would be ideal for low budget films as they don't draw audience in big numbers to the theatres.

On the other hand, there is an opinion that the Government wouldn't give permission to open theatres and malls until the Coronavirus curve flattens to a considerable level. Restrictions over crowded places like parks, movie theatres and malls may remain for an extended period of time even after the lockdown is lifted, they say.

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