Chiru busy writing his own biography?

Chiru busy writing his own biography?

Megastar Chiranjeevi is a household name for Telugu cine-goers and starting his career in 1978, Chiru has always been the most in-demand actor in TFI. With more than three and half decades of his remarkable film career, Megastar Chiranjeevi has unequivocally been the driving force behind audiences unbelievable craze and respect.

To dig the past, we have big stars like Sr.NTR, ANR, Krishna, Shobhan Babu in Telugu who made their respective and long-lasting places in people's hearts effortlessly. But, Chiru's success story is exceptionally different. He had a bumpy start, went through ups and downs in the beginning and finally tasted triumph with the blockbuster film Khaidi. His admirable hard work ethics and overcoming the odds are worth-inspiring. Hence, Chiranjeevi is a self-made man.

Moreover, the legendary hero also made a re-entry into cinemas after taking a whopping ten years break. And, once again he climbed the success ladder with ease, proving his prominence all over again. Now, with the self-quarantine period, while many stars are relaxing at home and spending quality time with families, the 64-year-old megastar is busy writing his own biography.

Earlier, we have seen a couple of books on Chiranjeevi written by various authors. However, writing his own biography is definitely intriguing and is already fascinating to us. It will be the best celebrity memoir, isn't it?! It is said that the actor wanted to write his biography since long but couldn't find leisure time. Now thanks to quarantine that Chiru has commenced working on his biography. In addition, Chiru is taking his wife Surekha's assistance in reminiscing/recalling all the golden memories of his early stardom.

 So far, the actor is preparing an audiobook and the biography may soon be available to fans once Chiru finds a professional biography writer. We are certain that once the book is out, it will be the top-selling memoir with many inspiring chapters.

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