Anchor Suma's Lovely Initiative For Direct & Indirect Staff

Anchor Suma's Lovely Initiative For Direct & Indirect Staff

One of the topmost anchors of Telugu film industry and TV industry right now, Suma Kanakala is not only a woman of words as she is known for her magical Telugu words at events, but she is also also a woman of action. In the times of Corona Crisis, the anchor is said to be helping people associated with her this way.

While most of the cinema celebrities are seen donating to Corona Crisis Charity, even Suma is also said to have donated to a couple of such charities set for TV employees. However, she is said to have made a list of employees (or daily wage workers) who are directly dependent on her, and who are indirectly dependent on her. While her personal staff are the directly employed ones, others like costume assistants, production boys on TV sets are indirect employees of her.

Making their list, the anchor and show host is said to have sent them monetary aid to their families as she is not in a position to buy and give them commodities straight. Whatever it may be, even a monetary help is also a good thing in these tough times and being a star anchor, definitely, she has shown the way for others to follow.

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