101 Million Views For Butta Bomma Song On YouTube

101 Million Views For Butta Bomma Song On YouTube

Ala Vaikuntapurram lo turned out to be a blockbuster at the start of the year and before that, the songs from the movie laid strong pillars by becoming the chartbusters and being most watched on YouTube.

The latest moment of celebration for Ala Vaikuntapuuramu lo team is that the song Butta Bomma surpassed the gigantic and very rare 101 Million views mark on YouTube. It garnered a million likes and less than hundred of dislikes. The production team Haarika and Hassine took it on to Twitter to celebrate it.

Butta Bomma is enjoyed not just by Telugu audience as it has become so popular that many Bollywood actors have been doing the TikToks with the same song. Butta Bomma is sung by Armaan Malik for a beautifully composed tune by SS Thaman, picturized in a most treating way with pastel colors and flowers all over, choreographed perfectly giving the very popular signature step by Jani master and of course Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde stole the show with their presence.

Another song from the movie Ala Vaikunttapurram lo, Samajawaragama managed to garner more than 179 Million views and the video song could get 46 Million views, yet the Butta Bomma video song which was released much later than that achieved the feat faster. These songs from Ala Vaikunttapurram lo will be heard for years from now.

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