Rakul Preet Helps 200 Families in Delhi Slum

Rakul Preet Helps 200 Families in Delhi Slum

At the time of crisis, those celebs who respond and serve the needy are often hailed as the real big stars. And though some put the numbers they have donated on social media, some don't. But they silently doe their charity and it looks like even starlet Rakul Preet Singh comes under the same category.

Apparently Rakul's family is right now settled in Delhi and they are said to have identified a slum of 200 families which stays close to their Gurgaon residence in the national capital. Along with the people of their society, Rakul Preet's father and other family members are said to be helping those slum dwellers with food and other stuff. They are said to have chalked down a plan for the whole of April, but then, they want to extend this aid beyond April also if the lockdown gets continued.

Upon coming to know about the news, Rakul Preet's fans got pretty excited and they are thanking her on the social media pages for the good deeds. Especially in the times of cCovid-19 where the whole country is in lockdown, such helping hands are required to save the poor and daily wage labourers who lost their livelihood.

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