PM Modi's Telugu Tweet For Chiru, Nag, and Two Tejs

PM Modi's Telugu Tweet For Chiru, Nag, and Two Tejs

We do know that Megastar Chiranjeevi not only initiated to start Corona Crisis Charity in Tollywood in order to help the daily wage workers who are not earning a single penny but also got a song created where he urged to fight the coronavirus aka COVID-19. Composed by Koti, he made three other actors direct themselves through their phone videos, and that has his good friend Nagarjuna and nephews Varun Tej and Sai Dharam Tej.

When national television of the country, Doordarshan tweeted the same, none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi got a view of it. Taking to Twitter, PM Modi replied to the same, where he thanked Chiru and Nagarjuna along with the other two Tejs. That late night tweet coming from Modi has not only excited our heroes, but also Telugu fans and Telugu cinema lovers.

Before Modi, there is not much response to the song we have to say as no national leaders and national level politicians took notice of it. But then, with PM's tweet, surely the song and the purpose of the song will be taken into more people. Definitely this might help Corona Crisis Charity big time, as donations from other big stars who have milked huge from Tollywood might get a soft heart now.

Earlier, PM has asked the citizens of the country to take part in the light-up vigil on next Sunday, at 9 PM for 9 minutes.

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