After AHA, Now Netflix Server Gets Crashed

After AHA, Now Netflix Server Gets Crashed

Well, we can understand the fact that AHA, the exclusive Telugu OTT platform created and owned by Allu Arvind, is a newly created streaming app and it might experience glitches. But then, today, the effect of lockdown is quite high that even the servers of Netflix went crashing for a couple of minutes.

Apparently the fourth part of superhit web series "Money Heist" got out on Netflix today. With the world's streaming app announcing that they are releasing it in an hour, almost a huge ocean of fans started waiting for the show. This led to surge in app traffic in an unprecedented way, and the servers of Netflix crashed for a few minutes.

With almost all the top countries like India, USA and UK where the usage of Netflix is pretty high, are into lockdown, surely this unexpected rise in traffic could be explained. But then, Netflix took care of the situation in no time as they have huge backend software programmers working for them.

About 'Money Heist'

Spanish crime drama, La casa del papel, is dubbed into English as "Money Heist" and the three seasons of this heist crime drama are a super hit already. The series deals with a set of robbers, whose real identities are not known to each other but address only with aliases, takes a mint under their control and prints their own money after taking some hostages. The series is all about how these folks escape the mint with the money. Very engaging and thrilling series, it is.

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