More than 67% of H1B visa registrants are Indians

More than 67% of H1B visa registrants are Indians

The H1-B work visa, offered by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), has a special craze among Indian IT employees. Despite several restrictions from President Donald Trump and the global outbreak of COVID-19, more than 67% of H1B registrations are from India for FY 2020-21. After the registration process ended recently, USCIS selected 65000 applicants through a lottery system.

USCIS has received a total of 2.75 lakh H1-B registrations for this fiscal year. While Indians account for more than 67% of registrations, China took away the second position with 13.20% of total registrations.

As per the new H1-B visa rules, US companies can recommend their employees for work visas at the time of registration. Several US firms seem to have recommended our Indians for the visas. Apart from 65,000 H1B visas for highly skilled foreign workers, 20,000 work visas have been reserved for those who earned masters and higher degrees from US institutions.

A job in the US is a bright opportunity for an Indian to get settled there. So, Indians tend to work in the US through an H1-B work visa. On top it, many Americans firms are interested to recruit highly skilled Indians for key roles. So, a lion share of H1-B visas will be taken away for Indians every year.


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