Shraddha In Self Isolation: Clarifies On Corona Rumours

Shraddha In Self Isolation: Clarifies On Corona Rumours

Apparently a Tamil web media house has mentioned that heroine Shraddha Srinath of Nani's "Jersey" movie fame has actually got raided by Karnataka's Medical Authorities and they have advised her strict isolation fearing that she might have travelled in a flight that has other corona infected patients travelling.

Clarifying on this, today Shraddha confirmed that nothing such has happened, but actually she is under self-isolation. The heroine is said to have travelled to Chennai and Hyderabad between 12th and 15th of March, and there were no confirmed Covid-19 positive cases related to her flights. Saying that no Karnataka Police or anyone has come to her home, she stated that choosing 14 days self-isolation is her own idea basing on the advice of her cousin, who is a doctor.

Also she stated that her 14 days of isolation has completed on March 29th and she is right now helping her mom in the kitchen, before asking everyone to stop spreading the rumours about her. Well, these are the days where one has to be very careful with rumours.

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