Fan War: DummyStarMaheshBabu, #RemakeStarVijay Trending

Fan War: DummyStarMaheshBabu, #RemakeStarVijay Trending

Earlier in January, a fan war started out of nowhere. Fans of Tamil heroes targeted Telugu heroes or viceversa on Twitter and some distasteful words were used from either sides. The same scene repeated on Tuesday yet again but this time, it was confined to fans of two biggest stars from respective industries.

It's Mahesh Babu and Thalapathy Vijay fans who are on a verbal war and abusing each other like mad taking this fan war to a new low. Vijay fans are tweeting their comments with the hashtag #DummyStarMahesh while Mahesh fans are using #RemakeStarVijay. Mahesh fans had upper hand and mentioned all the films of Mahesh that were remade in Tamil and it featured Vijay,

Well, what is the reason for this war now and who started it? No one has any clue but the Twitter is flooded with fans comments.

Last time, hero Siddharth had intervened and said fans' 'paithyam' has crossed all limits and it should end. Who will come forward now?

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