Tollywood Asst Directors are very busy now!

Tollywood Asst Directors are very busy now!

Of course, some companies have asked their employees to work from home in these lockdown times, while some have asked them to come to the office as they are dealing with emergency and essential services. But then, the assistant directors working in the film industry fall under none of those categories.

It is coming out that few directors and some heroes have asked their assistants to stay back in the offices or the guest houses they own. Providing the needed food and other amenities, the directors and heroes are said to be making these assistant work on new stories and scripts. Rather staying as bachelors in their rooms, or relocating to their native places, most of the assistant directors in Tollywood are said to have felt that staying in these offices is the best thing to do.

Reports are coming that some star directors have all their team set in their guest houses in areas like Manikonda and they are right now writing some stories and scripts. Well, that's how one should utilise the time, but then, don't forget to follow social distancing, sanitation and hygiene folks. Also, avoid going out to buy this and that.

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