Young Hero Warned by Family for Excessive Donation

Young Hero Warned by Family for Excessive Donation

He happens to be one of those young heroes who is still struggling to get things right in the film industry as none of his films are working these days. Though he comes from an influential family that doesn't mean money grows on trees. But looking at the way he donated in times of corona outbreak, it surprises many.

Reports are coming that his parents are reportedly upset with the way the hero donated something quite excessive. They want him to donate, but not by taking a risk and jeopardising his upcoming projects as they are all dependent on his own investments. Despite those warnings, the hero is said to have thought that if money is not given at the right time, it's useless to earn that much through the film industry.

However, sources close to him have also revealed that the hero is a bit of eccentric and takes decisions while sipping his pegs of alcohol. They say that he should have donated 1/4th of what he has given now, and that would be enough for the range he's at right now.

Anyway, donations are personal and we have to respect whatever he did.

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