#BiggBoss Telugu Lady's Photo Shoots Irking Residents

#BiggBoss Telugu Lady's Photo Shoots Irking Residents

She happens to be one of those beautiful contestants of last years Bigg Boss 3 Telugu reality show. Though she has to take an exit mid-way from the show due to her double standards and the way her tongue slips have caused troubles for her. And here comes the latest trouble she is creating.

In a bid to create an impression on social media in the lockdown times, actually the actress is said to be making use of a fashion photographer and boutique owner who resides in her own apartment complex. She is every day asking the boutique owner to send new dresses, wearing them, getting clicked, and posting them on her social media pages. But the catch is here.

Actually, whenever she is getting down to the community centre of her apartment, many folks are said to be gathering around to looking at the way they are shooting her pictures. When everyone is advised social distancing, one has to follow that inside an apartment complex too, but this lady is concerned about her social media updates only, they say.

Currently, the residents' welfare association is said to have issued a warning to her, but the lady is said to be not in a mood to listen.

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