Here Is What Bunny Replied To Disha Patani's Query

Here Is What Bunny Replied To Disha Patani's Query

Despite the fact that she started her career on a flop, spicy starlet Disha Patani is now having a slew of films in hand, thanks to her amazing curvaceous looks and two-piece acts that got attention from the whole of the nation. Other day, she expressed her amusement at Allu Arjun's dances, to which our star hero also replied.

Sharing a clip from the super hit Buttabomma song, where Allu Arjun is seen doing a signature dance move on an inclined slope, Disha asked, "Allu Arjun, How do you do it?". She posted this on her Instagram story, to which Bunny replied, "I love music. Good music makes me dance. Thank you for the compliment".

Sharing the reply, Disha also added, "Thank you for inspiring all of us".

In this lockdown period, many celebs are actually interacting with many other celebs on Instagram and Twitter, and their banter is being enjoyed by fans too. Recently NTR & Charan's banter, Chiranjeevi's tweets and live-chat sessions of few heroines are all enjoyed by movie lovers in a similar fashion.

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