Pic Talk: Mahesh Babu's Lockdown Time

Pic Talk: Mahesh Babu's Lockdown Time

Mahesh Babu is one of the coolest superstars we have. Like all of us, Mahesh also had to go to lockdown and here is what he is doing these times.

Namrata Mahesh posted a picture of him in his pajamas and in a super relaxed mode on the living room couch, mentioning how he brings smiles on the faces of his family members with uplifting humor. Like Chiru said at a recent event, there is naughty and humor side behind that Mahesh babu, who appears to be a man of low words.

It looks like the family man Mahesh Babu is having the best time and keeping the family entertained as well. We have to thank Namrata Mahesh for revealing what our superstar has been doing these days. That's superstar onscreen and off-screen too!

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