Young Hero Still Inventing Ideas For Charity

Young Hero Still Inventing Ideas For Charity

He happens to be a young hero who shared the taste of fame in a short time. And then he is always game for anything that gets him a name. Also, he has this habit of helping people and doing the needful.

But right now, when many popular film celebrities are giving donations to PM Relief Fund and also to CM Relief Funds, it is quite surprising that this hero remained silent. It is his personal decision however whether to donate or not, but he should have done something about 'Corona Crisis Charity' at least, as that would have helped film industry's very own daily wage workers.

Reports are however coming out that the hero is staying silent not because he has no money or he doesn't want to do a donation, but he is actually said to be not getting any fresh ideas from his team regarding the donations thing. If he donates to PM fund or CCC, it will be like any other hero and there will be no special mileage.

A web media house that actually worked out all the strategies for the hero is right now breaking its heads to come up with an idea that could make the hero great again. Well, why do you need to invent ideas for charity? You can get fame in other ways.

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