#Corona song: Chiru, Nag, Tejs come together

#Corona song: Chiru, Nag, Tejs come together

Undoubtedly, the whole Telugu film industry, and the fraternity, has come together to lend their support to people who have been affected due to coronavirus and lockdown, in film industry, and various fields as well.

To take, and make their efforts much more affective and reachable to the public out there, Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Sai Dharam Tej and Varun Tej, alongside music director and composer Koti have come together yet again, but with a song this time.

While the song has voice of Koti, all the actors, from their respective homes, have shot their videos for this song and it is worth mentioning that our actors have learnt the song by heart.

The song starts with, "We gonna fight corona edhemaina, Chinnadile manalounna dhairyam kanna, jagrathhalu patisthu edhuridham china, emundhi vilivaindhi mana praanam kanna…"

These four lines are nothing but all our fears and strength put together, and tuned as a song.

"Ne chethhulloney kadha bhavitha…Ne vaipukantu radhe nalatha."

"Lets fight this virus, lets live together, lets live healthier.."

With such inspirational and motivational lines, Telugu film fraternity has come down to push their audiences and fans to live for a better tomorrow, but in their respective houses only.

Moreover, Nagarjuna, and Chiru, in this song, explain us how important washing hands is, and depict how to do it. On the whole, it is fun, and thought provoking too.

On the other hand, they have even set up a new system called Corona Crisis Charity and are especially involved for all the work they can do to fight against the virus.

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