Chiru Continues His Funny Banter on Twitter

Chiru Continues His Funny Banter on Twitter

Ever since he debuted on social media app Twitter, Megastar Chiranjeevi is making sure that he will keep everyone entertained. With his replies becoming those cheesy lines with lots of fun, satire and humour, many are actually enjoying it though there was heavy trolling on debut day.

Couple of days ago when Mohan Babu posted a welcome tweet for him, Chiru replied 'Rananukunnava, Ralenu Anukunnava', to which the former replied back 'Ee sari hug cheskunnappudu cheptanu'. Now reply to that, Chiru showcased his funny side, saying that it's not good to hug in these crisis times.

"Mithrama! Carona rakkasi koralu chaastunna ee tarunamlo, manalo marpu ravali.  NO hugs ...NO shake hands ...Only Namasthe! Social distancing is must.For more awareness on how to protect our near and dear, watch the video made by our Lakshmi Prasanna (sic)", tweeted Chiru, breaking netizens into laughs.

Since his debut three days ago, Chiranjeevi is entertaining everyone in the same way with his funny replies. Surely he is providing wholesome entertainment we must say.

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