Samantha with Red Wine:'Drunk by afternoon'

Samantha with Red Wine:'Drunk by afternoon'

Every celebrity is leading their life in lockdown as excitedly as possible. While the likes of Katrina Kaif could be seen cleaning and mopping the floor, Rakul Preet gives yoga tips and Kajal is busy doing the cardio walking. Some celebs like Bengali MP Nusrat Jahan are busy with cooking, while Samantha also does a similar feat.

Other day the 'most desirable' Tollywood hottie has shared that she's busy cooking. Guess what is she preparing for her and for husband Naga Chaitanya? She's actually cooking Bolognese dishes, which are nothing but Italian dishes with a different cooking style and ingredients. And along with the dishes she's said to be savouring on red wine as well, as she says, 'Drunk by afternoon'.

Later Samantha could be seen cuddling her dog Hash Akkineni and spending her time jovially on the sofa. Well, hope Samantha won't run out of stock of these ingredients and red wine. Because it's tough to fetch the stocks now as the whole of Hyderabad is in lockdown and rumours coming that the situation might get extended for a month more.

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