Mem Mee Lekka Kaadu: F2 Meme Goes Viral

Mem Mee Lekka Kaadu: F2 Meme Goes Viral

Last year's blockbuster hit F2 gave a lot of material to meme-makers and here is a new one on coronavirus. This meme from F2 on coronavirus is trending on top with a perfect sense it makes.

There is a scene where Venkatesh asks Varun to rethink on wedding and the epic reply from Varun, saying 'Mem Mee Lekka kaadu' goes on record on Venky's phone. Now that scene is memed with Varun as India and Venkatesh as Italy, while Raghu Babu is China.

Even after seeing the virus-positive cases growing in vast numbers, there is a lack of seriousness and understanding among a lot of Indians. The meme shows the ignorance and recklessness of those Indians who think that the virus can't touch them.

When there is a virus scaring the people outside, the locked down and quarantined people are having little fun and entertainment on the internet, with moves, music, and memes.  

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