#RRR Video: NTR Introduces Brother Alluri 'Ram Charan'

#RRR Video: NTR Introduces Brother Alluri 'Ram Charan'

As promised, the team of #RRR has come up with the most awaited special teaser for Mega Powerstar Ram Charan, and NTR has done a stunning thing.

Paying tribute to Alluri Seetharama Raju through Ram Charan, now #RRR team has come up with the video of Ram Charan who appeared stunning in his six pack macho look and hitting his punch bag to get fit. "Inti Peru Alluri, Saakindi Godaari, Na Anna Mannem Dora.. Alluri Seetharama Raju" says jr NTR in his terrific tone, as they introduce Charan through this character. No doubt, Charan is looking fab and the video is double stunning.

No doubt, this super heroic teaser is cut in a way that it is going to make cinema lovers go merry in theatres with claps and whistles. Charan's khaki pant, the belt, and that janjam on his chest, the look is very surprising we must say. Coming to Jr NTR's lovely voice over, anyone can feel half of the goosebumps only through it.

Keeravani's terrific background score and sound mixing are one of the major attention seekers while Rajamouli played to galleries once again with his terrific elevation visuals.

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