Charan's Video Delayed: Jakkanna Inka Chekkutunnadu

Charan's Video Delayed: Jakkanna Inka Chekkutunnadu

Looks like the #RRR team is having a gala of time to enjoy themselves and entertain the audiences with their twitter banter. In the wake of Ram Charan's birthday today, other day Jr NTR has promised that he is coming up with a special video for the 'Ramaraju'. However, the video release got delayed.

Talking about the same, Jr NTR took to Twitter to say, "Sorry Charan, I sent your gift to Jakkanna last night for his opinion. Being Rajamouli, you know how it goes. Smal delay..". Reacting on the same, Charan jokingly shot back: "What!! You sent it to HIM!!?? Will I get it today??".

Similarly Megastar Chiranjeevi also tweeted that he is waiting for the #BheemForRamaraju video that should be released on Charan's b'day. Reacting on his tweet, none other than Rajamouli mentioned, "Saaar.. ante.. adhi.. konchem.. koncheme.. actualgaaa.. please sir".

This chat of our top celebs is hugely entertaining in the crisis times and everyone is eagerly waiting for the video, saying, 'Jakkanna inka chekkutunnadu'.

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