PV Sindhu's Corona Donation : Film Stars Better?

PV Sindhu's Corona Donation : Film Stars Better?

In order to fight Covid-19 epidemic, celebrities are making a beeline to donate the governments and support the administrations in this war-like situation. Several Tollywood celebs have voluntarily come forward and started making large sums of donations to the governments of both Telugu states.

So far, both the Telugu states have registered over 52 Corona positive cases (44 in Telangana and 8 in Andhra Pradesh till date). As the pandemic is believed to have entered phase 3 and people with no foreign travel history are testing positive - the latest being two doctors in Hyderabad and another 49-year-old man in Qutbullapur, celebs from film industry and sports industry and health, business sectors are stressing the people about the necessary precautions. Apart from this, several celebs have come forward to donate the government in these tested times.

Badminton ace PV Sindhu has donated a meager Rs 5 lakh each to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state governments as she donated the amount to CM Relief's Fund of both the states. This has become hot topic in social media circles. When film celebs have donated in large sums, PV Sindhu who rose to international fame and got largely benefited from both the state governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telanagana, donating a meager Rs 5 lakh to both the states has been criticized.

No doubt, charity is voluntary and one's own wish. But looking at the donations offered by several movie celebs who earn much less than PV Sindhu and her brand endorsements.

The Telangana government had presented PV Sindhu a cash reward of Rs 5 crore and allotted her a 1,000 square-yard plot in posh area after she won silver medal at 2016 Rio Olympics. Whereas, Andhra Pradesh state government had presented her Rs 3 crore in cash and had offered a 1,000 square yard plot in Amaravati.

Both Telugu states had offered her jobs. PV Sindhu had chosen the job offered by AP state government. Sindhu was made the Deputy Collector in Andhra Pradesh by then CM Chandrababu Naidu-led government. Apart from this, Sindhu had also received other benefits from both the state governments.

Now many netizens are pointing out at these Sops, benefits Sindhu got from both the state governments. No doubt, Sindhu has really brought international reputation to our country through sports and her hard work, achievement needs to be rewarded like how both the state governments had competed and gave her rewards of cash, plots.

But when the Telugu states needed her and Telugu people needed her most in these tested times, her donation is very little and less, opine many. Let's hope, Sindhu would continue to contribute in other means to people in this fight against Covid-19 epidemic.

Having said this, one must also compliment and praise the likes of Pawan Kalyan who donated Rs 2 Crore, Chiranjeevi Rs 1 Crore, Mahesh Babu Rs 1 Crore, Prabhas donates 1 cr, Ram Charan Rs 70 Lakh, Trivikram Rs 20 Lakh, Nithiin Rs 10 Lakh and so on. Your contributions are definitely going to inspire more people to join and contribute to government.

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