Ex-Wife Moves To Hero's House For Lockdown Period

Ex-Wife Moves To Hero's House For Lockdown Period

Lockdown has arrested the normal public as well as celebrities at their respective places.  While many celebrities are coming live on their social media channels to stay in touch with followers and been busy with regular update feed on their timelines, some couples, friends, and lovers were kept away in different locations due to sudden lockdown decisions.

Looks like Hrithik Roshan and his Ex-wife were not caught in sudden lockdown order. Suzanne Khan moved to Hrithik's house just before the lockdown began, and no, they are not getting into relation again, but she is doing it all for the kids.

The ex-couple did not want the kids to miss any of the parents during the 21-day lockdown, which may even go beyond 21 days upon the situation then. So Suzanne Khan moved in with Hrithik Roshan and they have been staying altogether for the lockdown time.

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