Awareness On Coronavirus: Actress talks about Payment

Awareness On Coronavirus: Actress talks about Payment

With the fear of COVID-19 gripping all over the country, various state governments and even Govt Of India is asking celebrities to make a video that explains preventive measures and give moral support to citizens. In the wake of lockdown and homestay, governments feel that these videos from celebrities will ease the tension of people.

While so many celebs have already done videos for the sake of people, here comes this star heroine who became a topic of sorts in film and media circles. When her manager is said to have called her regarding the ad, where she has to record a selfie video and send, the actress is said to have asked him, "Is this a paid assignment or she has to do for free?".

Shocked by her comment, the manager is said to have told her, this is a free thing only. As he said it is a free thing, she hasn't even applied proper makeup but used a filter on her phone's camera app to show her toned and skin enhanced and sent the video within minutes.

We talk about vegetable vendors selling them at high prices, but there are these types of film stars too.

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