Mega And Nandamuri Fans! Don't Celebrate RRR Publicly

Mega And Nandamuri Fans! Don't Celebrate RRR Publicly

As usual, SS Rajamouli beats all the expectations by clearing that he thinks beyond what anyone thinks. While he pulled a mega feat by uniting both Ram Charan and NTR for a movie, now he has simply doubled the expectations by introducing the two through the title motion posters.

#RRR motion poster is something that will definitely give goosebumps to both Mega fans and Nandamuri fans alike. However, like Rajamouli requested all of them already, they should not be now rushing to their known printing press and flexi board printing shops to get some cutouts ready. With health, crisis ain't over, surely social distancing is the only biggest weapon to battle it. Now in the name of fanism, breaking that norm will only make us suffer more.

As there is huge social media canvas to paint our ideas, surely all the fans could do things here rather worrying about real-life posters, flexes and other signage. But with #RRR motion poster giving an all time high, fans might not stop their rushing adrenaline to do unthinkable things. Lets restrict our emotion and celebrate the title logo design's versatility from inside of our homes only.

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