Bunny to go for tuition once again

Bunny to go for tuition once again

Unfortunately, the film featuring Allu Arjun in the lead with creative director Sukumar at the helm started to feel lots of pressure. While it took almost a year for the director to start #AA20 after moving from Mahesh Babu, COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on movie's shooting thereafter. From Bangkok to Kerala schedules, all are cancelled, and now with lockdown, the film might not start anytime soon.

As a preparation for this film, actually Allu Arjun hasn't just grown up his beard but also practised the CHittoo dialect Telgu for a time. He acquired the slang by employing three tutors, which we have revealed long back.

But after mastering the language completely through this tuition, right now he has to take a break due to lockdown. What if this lockdown and the subsequent comeback of films takes a couple of months, delaying #AA20 further?

Sources close to the actor revealed that he might be starting it all over again after a couple of months. Yeah, he might go for tuition once again to get the language right as he could forget the coaching in this couple of months gaps.

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