Celebrity 'Kashtaalu' To Get Attention In Corona Times

Celebrity 'Kashtaalu' To Get Attention In Corona Times

'Attention' is the first step to success in the film industry. Once you have the attention of producers, you get offers and once you have the attention of the public, you become a star. Though the reality is that this attention should come through the body of work, which happens in the case of superstars, others actually create it artificially.

This happens to be the tough Corona times where people are in a bit of panic mode, and the lockdown has impacted them more. But to grab the attention of the public many starlets are seen trying various ways. While some are releasing their sexy throwback pictures to stay in the news, some are busy talking about workouts and corona tips.

And here comes this Telugu celebrity who is busy extending a discussion on her Twitter page to get more mileage during corona times. She went all the way to police cases and all, in order to get maximum attention. Many times earlier, she made that hungama and disappeared from social media for a while.

Another Telugu hero actually came up with the first look of his film, which will not even get minimum attention in these times. And a big star is using his PRO to make sure that his news is all over.

Take this- some big newspaper have stopped published their film edition owing to the fact that the mood of people is not assertive towards it now. Instead, they are writing about those celebs who are helping people, donating money and food to the needy, in those tough times.

So it's better for our celebs to get attention by doing some good deeds, rather showcasing their 'kashtaalu' to the world in intelligent ways.

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