Dear Star Heroes, Give Holiday To Household Staff

Dear Star Heroes, Give Holiday To Household Staff

If someone says that #JanataCurfew and the #5pmBanging are a huge success, that will be a joke of sorts going by the scenes other day evening. Because we have seen how people took processions to kill coronavirus with sound and how they have gathered on roads to collectively kick out cCOVID-19, explains the level of awareness they had about the health emergency.

At the same time, any people who are employing maids and household workers are advised to give them an off and pay them a month's salary. Because even these maids will be feeling very tough to come to work due to lack of public transport, and also they risk getting exposed to COVID-19 en route. But still, big politicians, businessmen and our film celebs fail to understand that.

Yesterday couple of star heroes shared their videos, and one of them share video of his family clapping at 5'0 clock in the evening. Apart from four of his family members, the rest of 10 people standing in the background are actually his maids, drivers, security and other assistants. This is what shocked many.

In the wake of #CoronaOutbreak, one wonders if the hero has forgotten that those people will have families and they need to take a break as well. Also, none of them are seen following either social distancing or wearing masks. Despite behaving like champions of many causes, we wonder if these star heroes are able to understand the situation or not.

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