Take a bow to selfless Prakash Raj

Take a bow to selfless Prakash Raj

The Janta Curfew call by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Mach 22 was a big success with the public from all states have obediently stayed indoors, leaving roads and streets into a deafening silence.

With an ample amount of time in hands, people are looking at ways to entertain and engage themselves as we are not allowed outside for our own good. Moreover, the government is closely monitoring the outbreak of a pandemic, asking people to protect themselves by arranging timely curfew.

However, the usual thing every one of us does with the corona-alert is to think about ourselves like taking good healthcare. Least do we think about other people's welfare, especially with the ongoing fear.

But actor-politician Prakash Raj's latest tweet tells that he is a selfless man who gave a thought about his acquaintances amid the tense situation. With coronavirus lockdown, many Indian corporates are cutting down salaries. But Prakash Raj tweeted that he went on to pay advance salaries to his farm house and film production staff.

He further wrote that he looked into his reserve funds and paid at least half salaries to daily wage workers of his three films which have been stopped due to social distancing. He urged people to help needy who are suffering from this sudden lockdown and curfews. Coronavirus has always been a self-care disease.

But the actor asked to stand for one another in this worrisome condition. Netizens praised Prakash Raj for his mindful thinking and called him a selfless man, who thought less about himself, but more about his staff members and workers.

As Prakash Raj wins hearts with his generous work on Janata Curfew day, earlier, he claimed that Bollywood has stopped giving him roles after he spoke against PM Modi. He also quoted that he was never an anti-Hindu but he is anti-Modi and anti-shah.

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