Struggling Director And Two Big Films: What's True?

Struggling Director And Two Big Films: What's True?

Despite the fact that Nithin's LIE is a huge disaster, hero Sharwanand believed him for Padi Padi Lechenu Manasu, but director-writer Hanu Raghavapudi has fallen flat once again. Since then, the director is trying to bounce big time and now there are two big rumours toying around him.

Apparently a rumour has that Hanu has in fact narrated a subject to senior Bollywood star Sunny Deol who is actually trying to do a film now and then, and get attention again. They say that the Andala Rakshasi director is actually aiming at Bollywood debut and prove his talents there.

And the second rumour is that actually Hanu has impressed Malayalam star Dulquer Salman with a subject and the two might do it as a Telugu-Tamil bilingual if all goes well. Usually, these two film rumours are not even remotely linked to each other, but we wonder which of them is actually true.

On the other hand, Hanu's supposed movie with Nani is put on hold after Padi Padi Lechenu Manasu didn't work out.

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