Rumour: RX100 Beauty Sacked Her Manager

Rumour: RX100 Beauty Sacked Her Manager

Rumours are part and parcel of the film industry, so are actors changing their managers and PROs. Here comes one such rumour that indicates sizzling heroine Payal Rajput is now trying to change her team because she is very disappointed that this team is not able to bring her juicy offers.

Apparently Payal is said to have sacked her manager about which other folks close to her are spreading that he has cheated her by taking commissions in remuneration from producers. Managers taking commission is a normal practice in the film industry and one wonder why Payal is worried about it.

Some insiders revealed that actually she is upset with the fact that her manager is not doing special marketing for her. This is because she hasn't signed any big film or small film to that effect after the release of Venky Mama, that was nearly three months ago. While the same manager is getting offers for other small heroines he is looking after, Payal is said to have got enraged by it.

Anyway, few actresses made it very high after changing their initial managers, so lets see what happens.

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