Corona Dance: RGV Requests The Police To Stop Buffoonery

Corona Dance: RGV Requests The Police To Stop Buffoonery

As a part of bringing awareness among the public, the government is opting steps like caller tunes with precautionary messages and press meets now and then. One of those practices is local police doing the mass demonstration on how to keep oneself safe by properly washing hands.

The other day, when the police staff did the same at a traffic signal it was cool and went viral also sending the intended message into the public. But here is another video shared by the film director Ram Gopal Varma on his Twitter timeline wherein the group of police were seen dancing with an intent to promote the cleanliness wearing masks and gloves.

Wanting to spread awareness at the moment of need is laudable but dancing looked too funny for the situation and also on the police officers' part.  While it is the feeling of many who watched the video, RGV spoke it out.

RGV requested the police to stop this kind of Sampoornesh Babu buffoonery as he wants to feel the police strength in the corona times and not to appear like a joke.

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